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I am Spencer Buck


My love for wine began when I was a young adult visiting my Grandparents in Kelowna with my mom and dad. My dad had a huge love for big bold reds. He always told me that white wine was for girls. He was just joking of course. My Grandpa would take us on little winery tours each visit, his favorite was Summerhill Pyramid Winery. The first time I visited the winery we tired quite a few of their wines, however the very first wine we tried was their Cipes Brut I absolutely loved it! Contrary to my Dad always trying to get me to drink red wine, the Cipes Brut really intrigued me to learn more about the different varietal, styles, and regions in the wine world. I guess you can say this was the wine that started my love for wine, and eventually brought me to the Bard & Banker.

I didn’t start my career in the Food & Beverage industry. One of my passions is the game of golf. I was trying to figure out what to take in school and a friend of mine was going to Nelson to go to Ski school and mentioned they had a golf program. Going to school to learn about golf was a no brainer so I packed up my stuff from good old cow town, Calgary that is, and moved to Nelson to start my golf career.

After I finished my golf diploma, I really enjoyed the student life style so, I thought I would go on to Vancouver Island University, to get my Bachelor of Tourism Management. Now fast forward a few years down the road, after graduation, I was still working in the golf industry in Invermere BC at Eagle Ranch Golf Resort. At this point I was running the golf shop, but I was getting a little bored with it. I had the opportunity to switch over to the Food & Beverage world and I took on the role the Assistant Clubhouse Manager. During my time there, I enhanced the wine program and produced an award winning wine list.

I met my now wife, Annie, in Nanaimo during my schooling. She convinced me to move back to Calgary so we could start a wonderful life together. I worked at Catch and the Oyster Bar as the AGM and GM, once again managing a very big wine program. One thing I could never understand is that Albertan’s love to drink big bold cab’s with their oysters. Each to their own I guess.

Once Annie and I decided to start a family, we thought there is no better place than Victoria, so we packed up and moved to the West Coast. I landed a job as a manager at the Bard & Banker I worked there for just over a year. During that time I competed my WSET Level 3, French Wine Professional, Business of Wine, along with a few other smaller wine courses. Still thirsty for more, I took over the wine program in all four of the Victoria Pub Company’s rooms; The Bard & Banker, Irish Times, Penny Farthing and Vis-à-Vis. What I love about my job is my education is never-ending and there is always something new to learn, explore and taste.

My first task was to build “The Cave” and develop the Bard’s wine list. The Cave started off as a janitor’s closet which morphed into a beautiful temperature controlled wine cellar. My favorite place to be in the Bard & Banker. I have hand selected all of our wines with labels sourced from small artisanal producers to the major wine regions around the globe. The idea is to offer our guests the chance to try some amazing wine that would pair perfectly with our delicious food, as well as enjoy on its own. In 2018 and 2019 we were awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for our extensive selection. Come down and check out the Cave for yourself!

On top of the Cave at the Bard & Banker we offer a wide variety of wine by the glass and bottles that won’t break the bank, but will definitely please your taste buds. If you can’t decide on just one wine, we have flights that will let you explore a few different wines at the same time.

Located in BC, we are truly lucky to have access to the amazing wine region of the Okanagan Valley. My wine list reflects this, with a strong emphasis on the vast variety of wines produced in the Okanagan and surrounding areas. You might just find your next favorite bottle of wine!

Ask for me on your next visit. I am always ready to recommend the perfect wine.


Spencer Buck

Resident Wine Enthusiast

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